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Dexter Wrestling Club FAQ

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Or perhaps your question is one many others have had before as well:

1. What expenses should I expect through a wrestling season?

There are a few expenses a family can plan for through a wrestling season.

  • Registration with Dexter Wrestling Club 

You will need to register to be a part of the Dexter Wrestling Club. Registration fee for 2015-2016 is:

First child: $200

Additional child(ren):  $150 each

  • Tournaments (Optional)

Participation in Tournaments is completely optional.  Many kids choose not to compete at all, some participate in a few tournaments, others try to compete in each and every tournament.  If your child does wish to compete in a tournament, there is a tournament registration fee for each tournament your wrestler competes in. Starting in December and through the season (late March/early April), there is a tournament usually every weekend. Your wrestler can compete in as many or as few tournaments as he/she desires.

We certainly encourage our wrestlers to compete because it's so much fun. But there are many factors that each family/wrestler considers when deciding how often to compete. Some wrestlers will only do one or two tournaments through the season and others will compete almost every weekend.

The cost to participate in one or more tournaments is one important factor for families. Tournaments are most often $15 to register the wrestler for the competition.  Once you arrive at the tournament, there is no fee for the registered wrestler, but there will be a gate/entry fee for family/friends. Usually that pricing is around $5/adult, $3/student or child, or $7/family.

  • Equipment

Equipment needs for wrestling are relatively small. The wrestler will need headgear in order to compete in any tournament. Every year we place a club order through Cliff Keen for anyone who wants to purchase headgear at the club’s discounted rate. You can expect headgear to cost about $15-$25. The other major piece of equipment is shoes. There are a few options here:

  • Buy New Shoes: Buying new wrestling shoes is the most expensive option, but not necessary. Keep in mind that the kids grow quickly, so you may find yourself needing to buy shoes twice in just one season. We're parents too so we have come up with other options!
  • Pre-Worn Shoes:  Check out the DWC pool of pre-worn shoes. Every year we have a fairly good-sized collection of pre-worn wrestling shoes in many sizes. You are free to sort through the stash to find shoes for your wrestler. We just ask that when the season is done you return the shoes.
  • Dedicated Athletic Shoes:  Wrestling shoes are not mandatory. Regular athletic/tennis shoes are completely fine to wear in wrestling as well. However, we do ask that if your child uses athletic shoes, those should be a pair that is ONLY used for wrestling on the wrestling mats. This is for sanitary reasons. We need to keep our mats clean and sanitary for the safety of the wrestlers, and shoe cleanliness is the biggest factor in maintaining cleanliness of the mats. So, if you want to use athletic shoes, simply clean and disinfect a pair, and thereafter, dedicate them only for use in the wrestling only.
  • Check out Play-It-Again sports. This is also a very popular option. Especially this time of year, you just might find some almost new shoes for very cheap. Their supply varies greatly. So if you don't find something on your first trip, be sure to check back a couple times.


  • Optional Additional Gear

In addition to shoes and headgear, some wrestlers choose to purchase their own singlet, various pads, equipment bags, etc. These are not necessary to participate in the DWC though.

The Dexter Wrestling Club provides each registered wrestler, for whom the fee has been paid, a Dexter Wrestling Club t-shirt. 

But, in addition to that DWC-provided t-shirt, a totally optional expense is the purchase of additional Dexter Wrestling Club clothing and gear. Every year, early in the season, we have an open ordering session where families can, but do not have to, purchase shirts, shorts, sweats, sweatshirts and other gear. But, this is not necessary!  Other gear for family members is available for purchase as well. 

2. We are new to wrestling and not sure if we will like it or not. Is there a way we can try some things before we pay for registration?

Sure! We recognize that there are some kids who just aren't quite sure what they think about wrestling. It looks like fun! It sounds like fun! It is fun when they do it at home with Dad! But, still, you're just not sure. That's okay! If you would like to have an opportunity to observe a couple practices and maybe even try one or two practices out, simply contactus to make arrangements.

3. I'm not sure what level my wrestler belongs in. How is that determined?

If you haven't already, be sure to check out theClub Wrestling Levelspage. This page spells out the general description and guidelines for wrestler placement. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

4. What kind of time commitment should we expect for our wrestler?

Practice & Tournaments (Flexible):

You will find that wrestling is a very flexible sport. Because it is an individual sport, you have tremendous flexibility to determine just how much time you want to commit to wrestling. Each level practices two days a week. See Club Wrestling Levels [INSERT HYPERLINK] for details.  

There will be a tournament every weekend through the season that you may or may not choose to participate in. So, the time commitment is as much or as little as you'd like.

Parent/Family Volunteer Requirement (Mandatory):

There are a few commitments for parents as well.  In order to keep our registration fees low, each year, the DWC hosts a tournament. This is the only fundraiser we do during the season and the proceeds we earn make up a major portion of our annual budget.

For this current 2015-2016 season:  

Our tournament is tentatively scheduled to be held on January 31, 2016. Participation in the club includes volunteering the weekend of our tournament. There will be set-up and tear-down requirements, as well as many volunteer roles to fill during the tournament. Prior to that, we will have a parents meeting to explain more about the tournament and discuss many other important things pertinent to the season.

Additionally, we may have a second, smaller-sized tournament this season. More to come on soon!


Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

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